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Chris CaultonChristine Caulton is the owner and operator of Impact Homes – Home Staging Professionals.

” What I love about Real Estate is, that it’s ever changing, but the fundamentals stay the same. When you sell property that is well presented and appealing it attracts more buyers. Market and price it right and this becomes a recipe for success!”

Having a love of Real Estate and Home design led me to start Impact Homes. Over the last 20 years I have been lucky enough to follow my passion of remodelling, renovating and even building new homes to sell. Over that time I found (by accident really!) how quickly and easily the houses sold when presented well. (check out some before and after photos)

It’s definitely not difficult to prepare your house for sale, but it does require some planning. When you’re trying to get the best “bang for your buck”, getting some good sound advice can help you achieve that goal.

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