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Home Staging Professionals - Need advice? Call Now (021) 02657495

impact HOMES offer these services:

The Consultation

We start with a general walk through of your home to get a feel and understanding of its flow and to also determine who the likely target buyer might be.

Once this has been established, we then revisit each room and look at how we can best present your home to sell.
The things we will cover are:-

• Colour selection and function of the room
• Furniture placement
• Art and accessory use and placement
• Reducing & storing e.g. de-cluttering & organization of space
• Any maintenance issues (repairs)
• Possible Alterations
• Outdoor furniture placement and general garden maintenance/suggestions.
Only changes and updates that will bring (R.O.I) a return on investment will be discussed.

I will work with your current furnishings and belongings, but will recommend hiring or purchasing additional accessories when needed.

With your prioritized action plan to follow you can confidently move forward to staging and preparing your home for sale.

Home Staging or “Showcasing”

This is the finishing part of the Home Staging process and the most fun!

You may find that the consultation is all you need to move forward in preparing your home for sale but, if you find you run into difficulty or don't have the time to do the work, we'll gladly step in to help.

We can help with the following:

• Full staging (furniture & accessory placement)
• Partial staging (for photos & on-line/print advertising)
• Choosing and Organizing of furniture hire (if needed)
• Organizing of trades people

We also offer a personal shopping service to source accessories for your home.


Download our moving checklist